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Consider Mercury a manufacturing mall, where you can buy any or all of our services. We think big with our facility, equipment and automation but have the care and personal service of a small family owned company. Whether you have a bracket, panel, or completely integrated chassis painted and shipped, we can show you how to save time and money with smart manufacturing practices. Let Mercury be your supply chain partner.

Design Assist
Turret Presses
Automated Forming
Robotic Welding
Progressive Die
RAS Panel Bender
Powder & Paint
Automated Grinding
Electronics Integration
Injection Molding
Robotic Cells
5 x 10 ' Laser Cutting

We have over 1.5 million square feet so that you can set up your own manufacturing cell in our facility. You provide the product technology and we provide the people, facility, equipment and expertise. It's your virtual factory, and you can even bring your clients to see it.

Space available for your virtual factory 

Ice Energy builds an award winning thermal energy storage systems providing utilities cost-effective and reliable energy storage and reduces CO2 emissions.


The Ice Bear is built and shipped complete from our Hammondsport manufacturing mall. Look into this new concept of virtual manufacturing to give your product the U.S. made competitive edge.

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Meet America's Largest Metal Fab Family
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